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Muslims believe the Quran was revealed from God through the archangel Gabriel.In it, a cosmology, a theology, and an elaborate eschatology are described. E., almost the entire Arabian Peninsula had converted from paganism to Islam, and within a hundred years, its followers stretched from France to China.

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All prophets are special human beings capable of refracting divine light, acting like prisms that allow others to see it.

The intensity of direct divine light is something only a prophet can bear.

It is one-fortieth of a person's liquid assets.

According to the Quran, zakah is distributed among eight categories of people, the two most important recipients being the poor and the needy.

The first pillar, which makes one a Muslim, is called the shahadah, meaning, "testimony" or "witnessing." It is fulfilled by declaring to two witnesses the foundational creed of Islam: " Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah wa anna Muhammadan rasulullah.

" This means, "I witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except God and that Muhammad is God's messenger." The first part of the testimony is a belief that God is unique with no partners.

Thus, each day is considered to be a microcosm of one's own life: the dawn prayer as one's coming into the world, the midday prayer as the end of youth, the afternoon prayer as old age, the sunset prayer as death, and the evening prayer as the beginning of the descent into the darkness of the grave and returning to the dawn prayer as the awakening and resurrection of the dead.

After the testimony of faith, prayer is considered the most important pillar.

Although considered the youngest of the three great Abrahamic faiths that include Judaism and Christianity, Islam does not view itself as a new religion but rather as a reformed Abrahamic faith.

Muslims believe that the Quran corrects distortions of previous prophetic dispensations while not departing from the aboriginal faith of humanity, which according to the Muslims is Islam, or sub-mission to one God.

He abhorred extremes saying, "Beware of extremism in your religion." After the Quran, the Prophet's practice, or Sunnah , is the second most important authority in Islam. While people may supplicate anytime they wish to do so, there is a specific prayer every adult Muslim, female and male, is obliged to perform five times a day.

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