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It's actually made for horseback riding, so it easily fits the three L's of Bob Jones dress standards--loose, long and lots. Short hair is permitted, but not any sort of military or buzz cut, obviously. BJU Music standards, brief version: If it was composed before 1940 and is performed in the musical style and original instrumentation of its date of composition, it's probably fine. What about Christian contemporary artists like Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, Mark Lowry, Steven Green, Michael W. ) Business attire" (BJU "morning dress code") is generally suit and tie, or at least dress shirt and tie.

It makes a great knockabout skirt, and I threw mine on whenever I wanted to make a quick trip out of my dorm to the laundry or to check my PO box. Double-pierced earrings are allowed as long as they match. "Business casual" (BJU "afternoon dress code") is collared shirt, dress slacks, no tie necessary, no jeans...

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You have to hold your hand on your chest with your first finger on your collarbone, and your neckline cannot be below your little finger.

If it is, you can fill it in with an extra piece of matching material or lace. Hose must be worn at all times with skirts or dresses.

I was not a student at the time, and it was my bright (dumb) idea. Yes, but "certain restrictions apply." The major items are: undergraduate students under 23 must be chaperoned by a woman or a married couple.

The chaperone must be faculty, staff, or graduate students of BJU.

Jeans, however, can only be worn in the dorms; so bring at least one pair to relax in. There is one type of skirt that's actually long enough to cover the legs without needing socks. There are many receivable radio stations in the BJU listening area, but only 3 of them are permitted that I am aware of; 2 of the 3 are run by BJU, and the last one's the local talk radio affiliate, WORD.

It's called a riding skirt, and I found one in a JC Penny catalog. BJU holds very high standards for all fine arts and music--music is a real stickler for some students. (Hey, Dittoheads, you won't go through Rush Limbaugh withdrawal!

It could be worse LIFE AT BOB JONES UNIVERSITY--------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! My husband, Troy, gives a pretty good account on what to expect as a Bob Jones freshman, but it does lack the female perspective.

I'll try to give you specifics about the girl's dorms, rules, and what to expect. The Dress--and Skirt, and Blouse--Code If you're graduating from a typical Baptist Christian high school, you probably won't have much trouble adjusting to BJ's standards. Just a few set-in-stone guidelines: Dresses or skirts have to be worn to all classes and non-recreational functions.

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