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He waxed, he worked out, he even hired a Drew impersonator for a practice date – just in case he ever got close to the real thing. He’s got another date early the next morning – that one’s with Al Roker on “Today.” I try not to act jealous.

As he speeds off into the night, I think to myself that maybe sloppy seconds aren’t so bad after all – as long as they’re Drew’s.

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An American actor and producer, Shannon Brown has starred in upwards of 100 projects, ranging from short and feature films to commercials and stage.

Ever since the second grade when he first saw her in E. The Extraterrestrial, Brian Herzlinger has had a crush on Drew Barrymore.

Now, 20 years later, he's decided to try to fulfill his lifelong dream by asking her for a date.

CHRIS NEUMER: You say you hated watching this ex-girlfriend thing. CHRIS NEUMER: There’s nothing good about that scene. CHRIS NEUMER: I was at a party recently and there was a guy off in a corner and when I had been talking to him, he was very bubbly, just a nice guy. ” It was a change of pace until somebody told me he was talking to his ex-girlfriend. It’s almost like, “Don’t ask any more questions Brian, just shut up. You know that she has seen the movie and loves the movie except for that scene.

He was over in the corner saying harshly, “What are you talking about? Don’t ask what you did wrong.” CHRIS NEUMER: And they are only too happy to tell you. And you know everybody is like, “She’s got to be so angry.” She knew that I was taping it. ” She was pissed with me for asking her advice on how to get another girl. CHRIS NEUMER: It doesn’t make her look too good either. Hmmmm…” BRIAN HERZLINGER: [laughs] “You sound familiar.” That’s funny.

AS I wait for my date to show up, it occurs to me that I should be pretty excited. He was a financially challenged, struggling director.

After all, he’s tall, dark, Jewish – and a newly successful filmmaker. Brian Herzlinger isn’t your average Drew Barrymore enthusiast. But then Brian appeared as a contestant on the game-show pilot “Taboo.” The final challenge?

I’m trying to think was it Insignia PR that you guys were working with? CHRIS NEUMER: Well, he was saying, “We don’t have a great office; but we’re in Hollywood.” My response was, “At least you’re not in North Hollywood.” And then he said, “Well, actually we’re in No Ho.” I said, “You could have told me this before I said that. So it’s very important to us as independent filmmakers who went through the process. CHRIS NEUMER: That could be the opening of the article. The thing is that the four of us were very clear in deciding not to go down any ‘stalkery paths’. You balance the two and there’s this great disconnect which makes it a very interesting combination. We know that to other people this is ridiculous and we accept that. BRIAN HERZLINGER: That was around September 11 wasn’t it? CHRIS NEUMER: I was doing this probably about winter 2001 so I figured it was closer to when you were doing it than … On the journey, a couple of other players, lawyers, managers, agents, publicists whatever, they make it very difficult to do things the way you want to do them. In one article Cary was my hairdresser, my hair stylist and Jon and Brett gave me some money to make the movie. It’s funny, you wind up getting more out of me too.

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