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Waikiki Beach Cams • Honolulu Beach Cams • Oahu Surf Cams On the North Shore of Oahu, the beaches attract the top professional surfers.

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Put yourself on Waikiki Beach and other spots in and around Honolulu with these live web cams.

Oahu is considered the "Heart of Hawaii" and is the most visited of all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Waikiki is known for its long, endless days of sun, fine golden sand, excellent surfing and a sandy lagoon ideal for swimming. Take a hike up Diamond Head for panoramic views of Waikiki.

Close to Diamond Head is Hanauma Bay, which is considered the best snorkeling in Hawaii.

There are at least 2 bands called Xe X, an experimental/minimal wave act, and a thrash metal band.

Xex (1) were a more experimental wave band, formed in South River, New Jersey.

Honolulu, Ala Moana Beach, Magic Island with Lagoon, popular surf spots, Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Larry Ellison’s luxury yacht, airport reef runway and the ‘Park Lane’ and ‘Waiea’ luxury condo construction.

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