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Parazoo’s simulations show “no signs of slowing,” he and his co-authors write.

Ninety-five billion tons is about a quarter of all the carbon spewed into the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning since the start of the industrial revolution in 1870.

Looked at another way, it’s about 10 times as much carbon as was produced by all fossil fuel burning in the year 2016.

Permafrost is permanently frozen soil, sediment, and rock, sometimes found with wedges of ice.

Although it is found across 15 percent of Earth’s surface, it harbors about half of our planet’s stores of soil carbon.

Shoran Software is happy to announce the release of the fourteenth point release of Render Pal V2, the professional Render Farm Manager supporting a large number of renderers and compositing applications including Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Sketch Up, Nuke, After Effects, Modo and many more.

This new version brings a proper additional settings control in the Render Pal V2 Submitter, per-renderer net job defaults, Path map and Frame checking improvements, support for Thea Studio, Redshift Standalone and Rhinoceros and many other nice new features, improvements and fixes.This is important because growing plants take carbon out of the atmosphere, offsetting what is liberated from thawing permafrost.Many previous studies have looked only at one side of this equation: the release of — an area about three quarters as large as the United States — is projected to become a long-term source of carbon to the atmosphere.That projection takes into account increased plant growth.| The coldest reaches of the Arctic on land were once thought to be at least temporarily shielded from a major — and worrisome — effect of a warming climate: widespread melting of permafrost.

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