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Internet Explorer 6 and 7 If a group of users (eg 10%) are logged out chances are it's a network related problem unconnected to our server.

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Any applications received in a particular calendar month will be reviewed over the first fortnight of the subsequent calendar month.

Therefore you may have to wait upto 6 weeks to receive a reply.

To enable Java if you think it is already installed (Windows): To enable Java for the browser Removing status bars To maximize the size used for the table area you should ensure that your browser does not add status bars to the window.

Please follow the steps below to resolve this problem.

A player can win by pocketing the 9 ball, either by using a combination shot by hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table first, or potting all other balls and then potting the 9 ball last.

Winning the game A player will continue to play until they either foul or do not pocket one of their balls.

There is an ignore user button, simply click on the member you wish to ignore and bring up the private message window, then press the ignore user button.

You will no longer be able to see what they type in the game window or by private messaging.

Occasionally errors specific to a user's game occur.

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