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Threatening a witness, victim, or informant in a criminal case is a wobbler offense which means the prosecutor may elect to file charges as either a felony or misdemeanor.

When making that determination, factors the prosecutor will consider are: the defendant’s prior criminal history, the severity of the circumstances of the case, and whether or not a weapon was involved.


Additionally, if you are arrested for this offense, usually additional charges follow, such as criminal threats, assault, and dissuading a witness from testifying – all very serious accusations.

Furthermore, law enforcement usually makes attempt to contact you in an effort that you make incriminating statements to build a case against you.

// Proxy Auto-Config // // // Define the network paths (direct, proxy and deny) // // Default connection var direct = "DIRECT"; // Alternate Proxy Server var proxy = "PROXY"; // Default localhost for denied connections var deny = "PROXY"; // // Proxy Logic // function Find Proxy For URL(url, host) First, you need to make a copy of the PAC file you want to use.

Just remember the path you save the pac file to so you can enter that path into the browser config as shown below.

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