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“I think it can be healthy for couples to disagree.” However, Van Der Zwet Stafford says that it’s the way that a couple deals with their disagreements that makes for a healthy relationship.

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One of the biggest mistakes couples make in arguing is that they don’t stay on track, Van Der Zwet Stafford says.

If a disagreement about the cleaning schedule snowballs into an argument about the in-laws, dinner menus and homework duty, your chances of resolving anything are slim.

When you and your partner enter into a disagreement, it’s important to realize that you have each other’s best interests at heart.

“[Your partner] may not agree with what you’re saying at the moment, but they’re not maliciously out to get you,” says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

” Rather than bringing negative energy into your sleeping area, choose a quiet place in the home away from the television and computer.

“Cellphones need to be turned off, not just put on vibrate,” says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

“Be clear on what you’re arguing about,” says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

“For some people, that means writing the issue down on a piece of paper.” If you notice that the discussion is getting off topic, gently remind your partner of what your argument is really about and guide the discussion back to the topic at hand.

They charged them both with misdemeanors for public intoxication.

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