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I don’t actually want to be head over heels in love with anyone at the moment.”The cubs, meanwhile, get someone who’s caring but not needy. Actually, all the cougars laugh a lot at this strange state of affairs. “My eldest says, ‘Mum, it’s disgusting’ – as I would’ve to my mother,” she says, laughing. It’s about time we took back some power.” Tanya Stapleton’s experiences with younger men have been less positive. “They say, ‘I’m not after anything serious.’ And I reply, ‘Oh, you mean nothing more than a couple of hours.’ “I find that interesting because, like many women in their 40s, I probably look the best I’ve ever looked and have the confidence to go with it.”So is she going to stick to guys her own age? “The number one reason they like younger men is they have no ex-wives, no children they have to see every other weekend and no alimony.

“I don’t tell the youngest too much, but they’re always saying, ‘Mum, this guy thinks you’re hot.’ They think that’s cool. “Women are now financially independent, which means they can make more honest choices.

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“In Adelaide, where I live, there are so many stunning young girls. I often think they have it in their head the older woman is going to teach them something sexually, but from what I hear, it seems younger women are more experienced anyway.

“If you go on something like Tinder, it’s just one-night stands, but that’s not how I roll.

Aged 44, she’s dated seven cubs and is constantly hit on by younger men.

“To be honest I don’t understand the attraction,” she says.

“You can’t prise their i Phone out of their hands and they turn everything into a major drama. Danny reckons cougars get a bad rap from the media. Then there’s Madonna, Susan Sarandon, Kris Jenner…These classy women make it okay for others to come out of the cougar closet, says Lucia Demasi, generally regarded as ‘the queen of cougars’.

“There are plenty of 45-year-old men with 25-year-old wives and, socially, that’s acceptable, but turn the tables and don’t the media have a field day.”Has he pointed this out to his mum when she asks about his love life? With her blonde hair and smooth skin, Lucia looks ageless – an aura she maintains by refusing to ever reveal her age.“Now, every time I see these, I think of you,” he wrote. During the past season of "Single Dad Seeking," you met five single fathers working hard to raise their kids.There have been great advances in beauty and they rarely look their age.”And is it true that women in their 40s and men in their 20s enjoy sexual compatibility? “How does that account for the rest of the population being interested in sex? Like most cougars, that wasn’t her life plan, it’s just that as she got older, the age of the guys asking her out remained the same.“I work-out, I do yoga and dance, I travel, I don’t have children or the responsibilities other women my age have. I have a young spirit, I like men with a young spirit.”When 43-year-old mum of three Juliet Potter told her dad she was dating a man 18 years her junior his response was, “Whatever do you talk about?Her most recent relationship was 26 to her 44 and lasted more than two years.“I like the fact I know I won’t have a future with them,” she says. So many life goals…’”Perth-based Tanya, 42, says she’s found other cubs quite aggressive.

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