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Rollover vacation days – unused vacation time from one calendar year that gets added onto next year's allotment – may count as part of accrued time off, but it depends on the employer, Kane says: "Some employers say you have to use your rollover days by March 30, or some date in the next year.

Or, they will say you can accrue unused vacation time only up to so many hours, or for so many hours."One more factor to take into consideration when creating a vacation policy is to determine whether you feel that your business has key employees.

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"Theoretically, doctors will tell you it's good to take time off to regenerate, but that only way you can actually make [employees] take a vacation is just to tell them not to come into work," he says.

"Most vacation systems try to make that a part of the policy, but it's enforced by the payroll department, rather than individual supervisors."An employer must also decide whether they want to include part-time employees in a vacation policy, or limit that option to full-time workers only.

How to Set a Workplace Vacation Policy: Get Employee Input Vacation time is one aspect of the benefits package that will be difficult to alter once it has been established, so it's best to ask your employees what they hope to gain from the policy before it's set in stone.

A big mistake that employers make in creating a policy, Kane says, is setting guidelines based on what they heard worked for another company, rather than focusing on the needs of their own business and employees.

One thing to remember is that if you decide to ask your employees what they want, you have to provide them with the proper education about potential plans so they can make a well-informed decision.

If you are putting a new plan to a vote, Kane recommends asking how many people want option A, how many want option B, and how many don't care either way: "If you provide the middle option of, 'I'm indifferent,' then you can potentially increase the percentage of employees who are happy with the result."Dig Deeper: Giving Employees a Say How to Set a Workplace Vacation Policy: Scrapping Your Policy Altogether If you are contemplating the terms of a workplace vacation policy, a critical step is to determine whether or not it benefits your business to have one at all."You don't establish a vacation policy to encourage people to bankroll [time off], you establish a vacation policy to let people see that it's healthy to take time off work." Dig Deeper: Put Your Policies In Writing Resources The Corporate Executive Board can help you learn more about how some of the nation's most successful companies are setting their own policies.For more information on the benefits of letting employees take the reigns, rather than letting their bosses decide what's best, check out the Freedom, Inc. The Human Resources Blog will offer all kinds of information pertaining to workplace management, vacation policies, and more.According to Steve Kane, a human resources expert based out of Hillsborough, California, with more than 25 years of experience working with enterprise companies and start-up businesses, vacation time is simply one form of paid time off (PTO), and before you choose your vacation guidelines, you must begin with deciding what you want to accomplish."You have to put your [benefits] strategy into perspective," he says.Some workplaces have decided to scrap their policies altogether, and allow employees to take off as much time as they want.

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