Creek without a paddle dating

Joey admits that she's known all along who she's supposed to be with and she's not the only one with a confession to make regarding matters of the heart.

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Joey and Pacey share a kiss that complicates things, Jen collapses and winds up in the hospital and Dawson fears he'll end up broken herted again.

Worried she won't get to see her daughter again, Jen asks Dawson to help her make a final video for her little girl. Jen's also got one final request for Joey — pick between Dawson and Pacey once and for all.

Shortly after, Doug tells Jack he loves him and wants to spend the rest of their lives together.

He says he'd like to help him raise Jen's daughter.

We had our first visitor in the RV pad for this year.

Our friend Amy is a life/science librarian at the university in Reno and was on her way to two conferences in the PNW.

While they're falling in love, Joey's falling out of it. She calls him up in New York and delivers the news before taking some time to think about the decision she must make.

After Jen's funeral, Pacey confronts Joey about his feelings for her. Before she can say for sure who she wants to be with, Joey has to sit down with Dawson.

He thinks of Joey, who's working as a book publisher in New York City, often.

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