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Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest.If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started.

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It takes work to tune out the messy desk, the neighbor's loud television.

To feel your skin shiver with arousal even though no one has touched you.

And in truly superb cyber, you have another layer of fantasy that you build together in text.

This is the co-creation and mutual acceptance of a location, an atmosphere, a mood.

This is where you take turns describing the jasmine scent of the seraglio, the brush of a veil falling to the marble floor, the taste of honey on skin.

This is also the level you lose when you use webcams, which is one reason many women aren't as enthusiastic about cameras as men are.

But you don't miss it as much if you replace it with a sex toy controlled by your lover.

The first time I used a vibrator during cybersex, I worried that bringing such an obvious physical component into an activity that relies on imagination would dilute the experience.

And, of course, you can invite someone to control your vibrator while you control theirs."Everyone has some concept of what virtual sex means," Lynn says. The ability to relinquish control of my vibrator to someone else over the internet appeals to me. It's a way to nurture intimacy when you're apart, especially for military couples or those who travel often.

For the monogamous, High Joy offers a "one-on-one" membership that lets you sign on to chat privately with each other and control each other's toys, without access to the community rooms and profiles.

You can search the database by characteristic or member name, contact people through anonymous e-mail and have private chats.

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