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KATU-TV reports the three 14-year-old boys were all taken to the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center on Sunday on charges including burglary, trespassing and possession of marijuana.

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Lastly, I’d like to emphasize that this framework is applicable to our work with those over the age of 17, for youth extends beyond our legal definitions of child and adulthood.

College students, interns, and emerging museum professionals are all impacted by attitudes that the young or inexperienced are less valuable and inferior.

Although the literature on and use of adultism as a framework is limited, it makes sense why so many local youth organizations have adopted it.

Work to combat adultism already exists under another name: youth empowerment.

When other staff or board members are assembling an advisory committee, do they include young people?

Make a visible commitment to youth voice and choice, and speak up for them in places they are absent or unable to participate.How can we break down adultism at an institutional level?I was introduced to the term at a workshop on youth voice co-facilitated by Creative Advantage and the Seattle Art Museum earlier this year.The PV Shopping Mall is where you can find a wide range of things including lingerie, adult toys, DVD's, and much more!If you're planning on a sexy gift or a hot surprise, be sure to take a peek. Man makes teens caught breaking into his house call 911 COOS BAY, Ore. A Coos Bay homeowner made teens caught breaking into his house call 911 to report themselves.Are we offering adult-youth relationships that challenge the status quo?

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