Dating and who pays

They might just really want to make you feel special!

And vice versa: If you feel like plopping your card down, do so!

(@ me, trolls, because I know you're coming.) When people suggest that, in order to be equal, women must be willing to assume some of the responsibilities men have — like paying for a date or an engagement ring — I say, "Sure, absolutely, once we're paid equally!

This "rule" goes for hetero couples only, and this rule is not a rule to follow for all dates for all of eternity.

This is a wild card that I am throwing out there to justify why men often pay for dates, so don't take me too seriously.

Additionally, down the road, we're the ones to carry babies and suffer all of that physical pain alone.

There are simply some parts of life in which men and women are not yet equal.

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It’s been a great night of drinks, dinner, and conversation, but the evening is coming to a close as the bill is finally brought to the table.

(Definitely.) I broke down three "rules" to consider when dating in 2018. I like this rule because it's equitable: If you ask someone out, you should be the one to pay... I had never asked a man out until 2017, but over the past few months, I've been doing it.

Women are powerful creatures, and I want to finally embody that at the ripe old age of 29.

Luckily, this date was a complete outlier in my dating experience, but I can't deny that the moment the check is dropped off is always awkward.

So what's the best way to handle paying for a date in 2018?

I love when it's secretly taken care of when I am in the bathroom (pro move).

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