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Image courtesy of Barb from NZ The gent to right of the coach choofing on a pipe.

This is the only time I have seen this guy, does anybody else have an exampe of this scene or has anybody ever seen him in any other scenes?

The descriptions of the new scenes and the four different back scenes are mine.

It has all the attributes that set it amongst the collectable giants.

It was in production a long time, there were stacks of it produced in an almost limitless range of shapes, including both Bone China and Earthen Ware.

This series was in production for 50 years, so there are range of tools we can use to determine an exact production date or at least the production era.

An impressed date code give us the month and the year and on bone china it some times even gives the exact day.

There coach forms deep wheel ruts in the snow and the men's foot prints are clearly visible in the snow.

From time to time I have seen examples of Snow Ground put forward that I do not feel that these are true snow ground examples.

My favorite scene is the Royal Mail Coach pursued by armed and masked highway men.

I love the goose and the hare hanging from the back of the coach, at the risk of being ridiculous, could you imagine a bus on an interstate run pulling into a capital city Bus terminal with an Emu and a Kangaroo hanging from the back.

In the second form of the snow scene the horses, coach and characters appear in snow covered back ground, there is often colour in the sky suggesting either evening or sun shine.

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