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There are three reasons why men pull away in early stages of dating, but there are only two possible responses from you—you shrug it off and stay happy with or without him, or you get upset and give him an attitude once he shows up.

If he´s unable to respond immediately because he´s teaching, it becomes world war 3. You get upset if a guy pulls back, even if it´s to just breath a little. If he tells you that you´re no longer a 10, then you accept that you´re no longer a 10. If you were doing yoga every after work, you´ll stop doing yoga so you can be with him. If some girlfriends ask you to go with them for a girls´ night out, you can´t decide until after 10 pm because you´re still waiting for his call.

How much less time are you spending with them now that you’re attached?

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Either way, it is one of the most important topics here at AOC, and it doesn’t get talked about enough. Let’s get a handle on exactly what neediness is, why it’s so troublesome, and — most importantly — how to address it.

Because fixing this one problem can have massive repercussions across your life.

Five Signs You Are being Needy in a Relationship Think about the last time she had a girls’ night out, or you went out with your guy friends. You don’t need to be going out with the guys as much as you were when you were single.

However, if you’ve never spending time with your guy friends there’s a good chance it’s because you’re clinging a little too tightly to your girl. Are you spending as much time with your guy friends as you want?

But you only come off as desperate, which drives the man even further. Men want to do the chasing, but if you´re so readily available, it wears off the excitement prematurely. You are willing to sacrifice your dignity over having a relationship with him. He needs an equal partner who can contribute to the relationship. In the contrary, he hardly posts anything in his social media about you. You talk about marriage, children and a future with him too soon. If he has a cough, you spend three hours making a medicinal tea for him. You send friend requests to all his friends in Facebook, and you chat with them like you´re one in their circle.

You don´t do other things outside of him, you spend your entire free time for him. You leave an unhappy relationship, only to end up in another unhappy relationship. If a man breaks up with you because of your neediness, you do everything to chase him and win him back. You invest too much or exert effort too early in a new relationship, which cuts the chase. You rely heavily on him, which eventually becomes a burden to him. He´s no longer your potential partner, but he becomes your project. Your Facebook friends are already fed up with your overly dramatic statuses of how much he loves you or you love him, and how blessed you are to have him. If he calls you to pick him up at the airport at 4 am, you jump on your bed to do so. Once you compete with another woman, you lower your value.

Generally speaking, neediness can take two common forms: Of course, these forms can appear in various contexts: at work, at home, with family, or in public.

For this piece, we’re going to focus on five common ways that you might be exhibiting needy tendencies in your romantic relationships, and how that neediness is affecting your life. In general, do you cancel on plans with friends to hang with her?

She´s too afraid to lose him, she can´t be happy without him. They´ll lose respect, and they´ll lose interest on you. Your self-confidence is a reflection of your suitors, admirers, or boyfriends.

*** If you want him to love you, learn how to capture his heart and love you forever. If you nod to at least five of these, then you belong to the needy quadrant. Is your identity always defined by being in a relationship? I and my boyfriend, I, a footballer´s girlfriend, I and Mike, I, Mike´s third girlfriend, I and (insert guy´s name).

On the other hand, very few people want to engage with desperate, desirous people. It’s a fluid and abstract mental-emotional shift that takes us from one to the other, and the roots go deep.

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