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Aired 7-8p ET • Trump's Demands Escalate Pressure on Rosenstein to Preserve Justice Department's Independence; President Trump's Deep State Theory; Libby Schaaf Act; Interview with Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California; NYT: Trump Jr.

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Aired 7-8p ET • 10 People Dead, At Least 10 Wounded In School Shooting; 10 People Dead In 22nd School Shooting This Year; Awaiting Shooting Suspect's First Court Appearance; Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance; ATF Agents Surround House Connected To Suspected Shooter; ; FBI Informant Not Planted Inside Trump Campaign; Royal Wedding for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Revealed.

Aired 7-8p ET • Sources: Manafort's Son-In-Law Pleads Guilty Under Deal Must Cooperate With Mueller Probe Other Investigators; PBS: Giuliani Says Mueller, Trump Teams Spoke, Now Narrowing Questions For Possible Trump Interview; Giuliani: Mueller Told Us He Can't Indict A Sitting President; Trump: Kim Jong-un Will Be 'Very, Very Happy' With Nuke Deal; Trump Offers Kim Jong Un "Protections" for Nuke Deal; Official: White House Cancels Daily Communications Meeting Indefinitely.

Aired 7-8p ET • Giuliani: Mueller Told Trump Team President Can't Be Indicted; Trump's Personal Attorney Solicited $1 Million From Qatari Government; Donald Trump Jr.'s Trump Tower Meeting Testimony; Trump Discloses Payment to Michael Cohen In Financial Report; Sources: Top Trump Aide Navarro Blew Up at Mnuchin Over Being Left Out of Talks in China; Interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

Aired 7- 8pm ET • Trump-Kim Summit in Jeopardy; Qatari Investor Confirms He Was At Trump Tower in 2016; Cohen Lied That The Trump Organization Had No Recent Activity with Russia; Federal Judge Denies Manafort Motion to Dismiss Criminal Charges; GOP Senators Give Trump A Pass on Mc Cain, ZTE; Interview with Sen, Mike Rounds (R), South Dakota; Interview with David Brody of CBN. Jeff Merkley (D), Oregon; "New York Times:" Pence Aims to Control GOP Amid White House Disarray; Top Republicans to Question Trump on ZTE, Chinese Jobs.

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Aired 7-8p ET • Mueller Asks For More Time Before Sentencing Michael Flynn; Trump Has Floated To Allies Kelly's Name To Lead V.

A.; Rosenstein: DOJ Won't Be "Extorted;" Exclusive: Ex-Doctor Claims Trump Dictated Glowing Health Letter; Ex-CIA Chief: Netanyahu's Iran Nukes Announcement "Old News." Aired 7-8p ET • Source: John Kelly Told Officials Trump Becoming "Unhinged;" U. Official: Trump May Be Too Eager For A Deal With North Korea; Trump Raising Nobel Prize Talk In Conversations; DOJ Charges 11 Possible Caravan Members With Illegally Entering The U. Eric Swalwell (D), California; Trump Targets Dem Who Revealed Allegations About White House Doctor. Nominee Denies Wrecking Government Car While Drunk; Cohen Will Assert Fifth Amendment in Stormy Daniels Case; Trump Available to Review Materials Seized in Cohen Raid.; Giuliani Met With Mueller to Discuss Potential Trump Interview.

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Aired 7-8p ET • Report: Russian Lawyer: "I Am a Russian Informant;" Backlash Over the Firing of the House Chaplain; NRA Faces Scrutiny Over Links to Russian Banker; Stormy Daniels' Attorney Wrote NDA, Not Michael Cohen; Judge Orders 90-Day Delay In Stormy Daniels' Case; Trump's Personal Attorney Under Pressure As Legal Fees Pile Up; Lawyer At Trump Tower Meeting Says She's Kremlin "Informant;" Dr. Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Distances Himself From Cohen Even as Probe Consumes Him; Trump Admits Cohen Represented Him in Stormy Daniels Deal; Pruitt Contradicts Himself on Issue about Big Raises to EPA Employees; Trump Denies Telling Comey He Didn't Stay Overnight in Moscow; Interview with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut; Kim Jong-Un About to Arrive at DMZ for Historic Meeting; Jury Convicts Bill Cosby on Three Counts of Sexual Assault. Aired 7-8p ET • President, First Lady Greet the Macrons For First State Dinner; Trump V. Pick Under Scrutiny, As White House Hosts First State Dinner; White House Officials Debating If Pruitt Can Remain As EPA Administrator.

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