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They determined that the statue was an authentic representation of the neo-Attican period—Roman sculpture made between 200 BC and AD 200.

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In 1907, a scientist tested the skull and proved that it was only 1,000 years old. The book began with their creation myth, and it told how the Lenape entered the New World, overcame a Midwestern mound-building people, and continued eastward.

The story ended with the first white men arriving in ships.

A miner soon confessed that he had stolen a skull from a Native American burial site and had hidden it as a practical joke.

However, some people still believed that the skull was ancient.

The author of the manuscript is believed to be Bertram, although no one knows why he faked the text.

On February 25, 1866, a miner discovered a human skull buried 40 meters (130 ft) beneath the ground.When Fujimura was confronted, he confessed to faking two finds.As experts reviewed his major discoveries, Fujimura admitted to faking everything in 2000.For as long as people have been making discoveries and expanding the breadth of human knowledge, others have been lying about it.Maybe the hoaxer seeks fame and fortune, maybe he just can’t admit he’s wrong, or maybe he just likes a good prank.In 1937, a French farmer was working in his field when his plow nearly broke on a hard rock.

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