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Sometimes this has resulted in a seat flipping from Republican to Democratic (e.g.

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But Moore’s defeat is part of a larger pattern we’ve seen in special elections so far this year, one in which Democrats have greatly outperformed expectations.

If history holds (and, of course, it may not), the special election results portend a Democratic wave in 2018.

Other candidates in the Seventh District’s Democratic primary include Shelly Chauncey, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer; Daylin Leach, a state senator; Elizabeth Moro, a real estate broker; Daniel Muroff, a lawyer and former city ward leader; Molly Sheehan, a bioengineer; and Greg Vitali, a state representative.

Democrat Drew Mc Ginty, an IT professional, withdrew from the race on Friday.

Lukenheimer said she wants to make health care “more affordable” and supports a higher minimum wage, though she declined to say exactly how much it should be increased.

“I need to better understand those particular initiatives to come up with a number,” she said.

Democrat Ashley Lunkenheimer was talking about her grassroots support at a forum last week in South Philadelphia, highlighting that she has “over 1,100 individual donations” in her campaign for Congress, when a man in the audience yelled out. At the debate, Lunkenheimer suggested that she knew three people who donated to the super PAC, saying they told her “they believe so much in the importance of this race and my candidacy that they would like to provide additional support.” But she didn’t name them, which led to criticism from some progressives.

He was referring to Progress in PA-05, an outside group that is backing Lunkenheimer in the primary for Pennsylvania’s Fifth District — and that can spend unlimited amounts of money as long as it doesn’t coordinate with her.

There have been more than 70 special elections for state and federal legislative seats in 2017 so far.

In which at least one Democrat and one Republican ran.

Since filing her paperwork to run on Friday, Lunkenheimer said she has raised approximately ,000 from individual donors.

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