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I’ve been on my fair share of flights, and I can’t say I’ve sat next to many people willing to scoot over so I can screen someone for in-cubicle entertainment purposes.

Unless some kind of sky-high musical chairs ensues, anything more than a cursory pre-potty hello could become a little tricky. If you can deal with the queues of disgruntled moms and cross-legged kids outside the toilet door, and the snarky glances from passing airline hostesses once the app has been...utilized to its full effect, then there’s really nothing to stop you getting your swipe on.

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The most classic example is teacher/student role play, but this can include adult babies, littles, and other situations.

BDSM – A modern acronym used to refer to the kink and fetish hookup communities and activities.

It’s basically But before you can skip right ahead to the enclosed space naughties, you have to find a willing plane pal, and that’s where Wingman—a new app designed to help you seek out hotties while roaming the skies—comes in.

The Tinder of airline travel is yet to hit the i Tunes store, but development is already well underway at the hands of its 24-year-old creator, Gabe Whaley.

Plus, Wingman makes a whole lot more sense than some of its ’casual romance’ competitors, like the salad dating app that matches people up based on their lunch preferences.

Healthy eaters find their ‘salad soulmate’ by entering a few short details about what kind of toppings turn them on, with the app then arranging a lunch-meet.

Lets go through some basic fetish terms you need to know!

Ageplay – Role play that involves people being or performing as two different ages.

It’s a great marketing ploy for sure, but the thought of a blazing romance being determined off whether someone takes ranch or Italian seems, frankly, bizarre. And let’s not leave out the unique approach of Slydial, which enables users to be connected directly to somebody’s answerphone without the awkwardness of waiting for their phone to ring.

I’m not sure who decided that leaving drunk voicemails for a person you’ve just met would be less embarrassing than slurring to them while they’re on the line, but hey - modern romance is confusing for us all.

Firstly, the average 747 holds around 500 passengers.

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