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Regardless, it’s likely that they all have a lower interest rate than your current card. Concerning the Platinum Plus’s fees, the .00 charge is simply the minimum payment you need to make to be a cardholder, and it’s common among many major credit cards.Check out great credit cards like the Amex Simply Cash, which charges just 1.99% interest for 6 months on balance transfers. They both seem similar but on another site I saw that the monthly fees are different amounts (is there statement charges or any other fees on top of the 10$ minimum? You then add in a whole slew of your ‘new’ interest charges, which would be minimal assuming that you make no purchases or cash advances with the card and pay your minimum balance monthly.Yes, with the Platinum Plus card, you’ll be charged a 1.00% transfer fee for every balance that you move to the card within the first 90 days.

Free dirty chat no credit card

Have you found had any complaints regarding that, and is there any hidden fees that are in fine print that we should be aware of?

Hi Helen, thanks for coming to Greedy Rates for confirmation.

Third, it’s probably smart to replace your current card.

Between the Value Visa and the RBC Classic card, we’d go with the Value Visa.

The RBC card does have a lower annual fee, but the Scotiabank Visa has the same 11.99% interest rate on purchases, but a much lower 0.99% rate on cash advances.

It also lets you do a balance transfer and pay just 0.99% on balance transfers during the first six months, so if the Platinum Plus doesn’t cover all your debt, you have a safety net.Others offer better rates but for shorter periods, like Amex’s Simply Cash card with 1.99% for 6 months.Greedy Rates Staff I get that you can transfer up to your assessed credit limit and transfer from different sources; another credit card balance/s or from a line of credit, if they are transferred within the 90 days of initially signing up for the card and all will be at 1% balance transfer fee correct? I read that there is absolutely no grace period for missed payments, so you have to make those payments early to avoid the penalties of interest charges.The more money you can shelter from that 19.99% interest, the more you’ll save over time.It’s also easier to manage the repayment process on one card rather than two.Doubt I can get the full 15 000 paid in the 12 months even with interest free. This is because the bank isn’t willing to freely discount its own customer balances without something in return.

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