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They don’t need to have a relationship with someone their junior; they want to because they’re open-minded and looking for someone who shares their verve for living.Conversely, Attractive Wold’s male cougar dating cohort is equally as curious.We’re fully ware that our members lead full, busy lifestyles and don’t want to have to worry about frittering away time trawling through dead-end dating sites.

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At Attractive World we offer our users a fully integrated and modern dating service.

From the moment you submit your profile for approval to when you start meeting our members, we take time to make sure your experience is a seamless one.

However, when Newsweek declared 2009 the “Year of the Cougar”, and subsequently prophesised its demise, they couldn’t have been more wrong - the year is 2017 and we’re still talking about age-disparate relationships.

Regardless of your chosen standpoint one overriding positive to come out of this fervent fascination is the fact that many more men and women are open to the idea of having a relationship that challenges both age and gender norms. Given that there are so many definitions floating about, it’s worth clearing things up once and for all.

The cornerstone of our exclusive dating platform is our user-curated membership base.

As we’ve mentioned, the single men and women that comprise Attractive World’s dating community are vibrant individuals who take a proactive stance towards meeting likeminded singles.

Maybe you’re a mature woman looking for a younger man?

Perhaps you’re a cub looking for a confident lady with a bit more experience?

This saves time – you don’t have to waste away hours and hours trawling through limp dating profiles hoping to find someone standout.

Instead you’re cougar dating experience will be filled with singles committed to discovering something significant.

We’re happy being trailblazers because we know our users aren’t looking for the same old scene.

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