Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione secretly dating is cameron diaz still dating justin timberlake

They’re all busy with their own things, regularly writing to each other, but only really the others every few months. It isn’t outstanding, it’s nothing that threw me out of my chair or had me permanently itching to read the next chapter.

But it’s lovely and it’s nice and the characters are fairly in character, including some lovely trio-dynamics.

Link: Title: Always & Forever Author: Soft Obsidian74 Length: 53.810 words Status: complete Main Characters: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley Main Pairings: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Summary: When Harry fails to come home after his usual camping trip, his wife, Ginny, goes looking for answers.

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Link: Getting Closer to Fine Author: Mary G Length: 82057 words Status: work in progress Main Characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Ron/OC Summary: Post-Hogwarts.

Harry deals with aunts and other Muggles, ex-Death Eaters, love, life, and loss-all with some help from the rest of the trio.

This is one of my first tries with the pairing and I loved it.

One of the main themes of the fanfiction is, of course, Harry and Hermione’s relationship, another one is Harry’s work. Their home life and the character interaction are interesting and they’re also fluffy and funny at times, while at other dramatic and multi-layered. It’s intimate and powerful and my only criticism here would be that they sometimes seem too much in love.

Harry is involved in a case against the dark forces and Hermione follows him. The story doesn’t just focus on the mystery, it’s rooted in the environment, in their daily live. The fanfiction has two sequels and several side stories, which bring an additional 300000 words.

So it’s not just angst and adventure, it also has joyous moments.

But through their struggles they always come back together … I really felt with the characters as they tried to balance their fears with their desires and struggles to somehow find a golden way out of the mess. For example good, resonable characterisations, a solid plot, a nice writing style, lively dialouge and emotions, feelings. This alone would suffice recommending it, but I feel I have to talk about one aspect of it. I can’t read any fic in which he doesn’t play an importanat role. Young Harry, old Harry, leader Harry, depressed Harry … But there’s one catagory that’s always had its special charm, it’s quite popular to the general masses (at least to what I see), and that’s rebelling Harry.

It’s also very realistic, there is no utopian acceptance of all things sex-related, rather Harry, Ron and Hermione are constantly hiding their feelings. Immersed in the Muggle world, cut off from any kind of magical reality. And even that tenuous link does little more than scare me with its fragility as I feel him slipping through my fingers more every time. In the fanfictions we write we live out what we like, what we find interesting or what we’ve missed and want to somehow make up.

I think the same concept applies to rebelling Harry.

I’ve never asked an author of rebelling Harry if he/she was a rebel, too, or wanted to be one, but to me it seems logical that they have such interests or motivations behind their writing.

And there is also no justification for their deeds, the author really understood it to make me symphatise with all the characters, even if their desires directly clashed. But he, The Boy Who Lived, never utters a spell or a hex or even a simple charm. And I still condemn myself for not having seen it coming. You like music, play piano yourself and write a fanfiction with a character being musically active.

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