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If you go by genetics then you are either female or male.

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Now, it would apparently be possible for her to become pregnant in one set of organs/womb...some time later, pregnant in the other. I bet intersex people are more kind and understanding.

They think it is unlikely as one set will probably be properly mature and the other not......................... I would love to meet a intersex person date and see where it goes from there For me there is no dificult question here at all.

At the time I knew him,he lived and identified as male. S.)so anything other would have been impractical,he was a very warm,intelligent and honest person,and I would have been okay if the relationship had progressed as anything more than friends.

At the time,he said he had no intention of having any surgical procedures,and had intended on continuing to live his life as a heterosexual male. We did spend a few weeks together on holiday and had a great time. K., I guess he drastically changed his mind on how he wanted to live as I understand through mutual friends that he is now living his life full time as a woman.

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Ok, I have known someone who was indeed born intersexed.

There has to be that basic chemistry in my opinion for any relationship.

I could imagine in some relationships an inability to bear children may be a deal breaker too.

Obviously genetics giving you the sex of a person merely means that "intersex" people are just deformed rather than a specific sex.

If you go by genitalia then the answers are not obvious!!

A member of my family has 2 sets of sexual organs but both are female.....she has 2 vaginas, 2 wombs, 2 sets of tubes etc etc.

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