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To tweet your Facebook status updates automatically on Twitter, follow the procedures that are outlined below.

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You may be posting the same updates on both Facebook and Twitter.

What if you could tweet your Facebook status updates automatically so that you would not need to tweet the same post on your Twitter account?

In other messages on Twitter, she wrote of feeling unable to trust more than a few people in her life and just the day before she was killed she asked her followers: ‘Why can’t something go right for once?

’ Shortly afterwards Darren Bent, from Birmingham, said: ‘Some guy has just stabbed and killed a schoolgirl right in front of my missus on the number 9 bus on her way to work and she had to give CPR.

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Christina Edkins, 16, who had tweeted of fears about men following her on public transport, was in her uniform on the top deck of the bus in Birmingham city centre when she was stabbed in the neck by a man, witnesses said.

Many of you might have a noticed that your location is being shared when you update your status in Facebook.

Most of the time, we don’t like our location being shared.

Friends also wrote of their heartbreak on social networking sites and 20,000 people ‘liked’ a Facebook tribute page.

Microsoft has released Service Pack 3 for Exchange Server 2010.

For Client Access servers that are in a CAS Array you should remove some of the servers (eg half of them) from the load balancer configuration, upgrade them, re-add them to the load balancer, then repeat the process with the remaining Client Access servers in that load balanced array.

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