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I had .' I knew this was rubbish, and that I'd put it down just because it rhymed.

When I showed it to John, he screamed with laughter and said, ' You're joking about that line, aren't you?

"Even now, when I tell people about it, I find few of them believe me.

Therefore I maintain that a bass riff doesn't have to be original."”.

The inspiration for "I Saw Her Standing There," although unnamed at the time, apparently popped into Paul's head on the way to Hurricaneville on this evening and, upon his arrival, he grabbed an acoustic guitar to figure it out before he forgot it.

He had the first two lines figured out, which were "," and let it ruminate in his mind for awhile.

The Beatles played various times in 1962 in Southport, such as July 23rd or July 26th, but recollections that are related in Mark Lewisohn's book "Tune In" suggest that Paul had to have been remembering the trip back from a performance at Queens Hall in Widnes on October 22nd, 1962.

After gigs, The Beatles would frequent Hurricaneville, the family home of Rory Storm and his sister Iris Caldwell, one of the girls Paul was dating at the time.

I remember walking around some lovely, elegant squares...while he made up rhyming lines and asked me what I thought of them.

He said, ' What rhymes with ',' which was really quite naff, but he used it.

"John and I used to nick a lot," Paul explains, this word being a polite way of saying they stole ideas from other songs.

"If you nick then it's a disaster, but (the way we did) it just gets you into the song, and in the end you never notice where it was nicked from.

But I was very flattered, and it became for me an abiding memory of our trip to London." The reader should know that Celia was indeed "." Coincidence?

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