Intimidating behaviour by neighbours

Law Assist has guides for people who don't have a lawyer and who want to apply for or defend an AVO.

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Had we obtained an AVO earlier, because of the stalking, the assault may not have happened ?

the NFH would have had to consider the possibility of a gaol sentence ?

There are also other laws that can force a person to move out of their family home if there is violence or a threat of violence. AVO flowcharts Law Assist provides flowcharts that show you an overview of the different steps you might have to go through when applying for an AVO, or when someone wants an AVO against you. Who's who in court When you have to go to court, it can help if you know beforehand what to expect.

Law Assist can show you what a typical court room looks like, who the different people are in the court, and where you should sit. Forms There are a number of different forms in AVO cases, including application forms to get an AVO as well as forms to vary or revoke AVOs.

There are also different types of AVOs that can be made.

Law Assist shows you a number of sample forms and AVOs and explains what the different sections in those forms and AVOs mean.

You need to complete a complaint and summons form, which can be obtained online or from the nearest Magistrates Court.?

It is important that you provide detailed information as to your complaint.

Saabeah and Didier recently migrated from Africa and moved into the house next door.

Mark has been placing the building rubble and garbage in his yard next to the fence.

Two weeks ago, he pushed Elizabeth over causing her to break her arm.

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