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For more individualized and caring attention as well as a welcoming atmosphere, check out some of these ideas.

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The staff at these types of gyms are usually very well-trained and, of course, you have access to medical advice if you need it.

These types of clubs (like Curves) usually offer 30-minute circuits that combine strength and aerobic training in one workout.

The only downside is that you usually can't use it as you would a gym (i.e., showing up at any time for a workout) but only for individual sessions with your trainer.

If you decide to join a gym, there are some things you can do to make the experience easier and more enjoyable: It's important to know that the gym isn't for everyone, so you shouldn't feel you have to join one to get a great workout.

Because they're women-only and no frills, many women feel comfortable working out in this type of environment.

The drawbacks are, first, doing the same workout for too long can lead to weight loss plateaus and boredom.

Navigating the gym can throw anyone for a loop, even experienced exercisers.

I've seen many personal training clients slink into the gym for their first meeting with me, a look of fear on their faces as they wonder if they dressed right..kind of torture will I put them through..silly will they look in front of all these people.

When looking for a gym, you want to find a place where you feel comfortable and that might not always be at the nearest chain such as 24 Hour Fitness, Bally's, Gold's, or Lifetime Fitness.

Although these types of gyms usually offer a wide range of services and classes, the large spaces and sometimes aggressive salespeople can make it uncomfortable for some.

Check with your local parks department to find out what's available in your town.

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