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Kurdish people can be racist in one way or another.

I come from a family much like yours, not really raised very Islamic. Different ethnicity and language to them than other Indonesians. She's is obviously Asian just like your partner.

Just for example: The two daughters of my Kurdish neighbor.

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I mean, everyone can "change" their religion and pretend to be a Muslim/Christian etc. And while everything went well, our relationship still failed because I chose to not tell it my parents.

Our freedom was limited in the sense that we couldn't meet whenever we wanted or go to vacations together.

My family always jokes that they'll find me a wife in Kurdistan.

I know I might be rambling a bit, but what I am trying to say is would you be willing, for the rest of your life to fill the divide between your family and your spouse. But I don't think he's the only man in the world that can make you happy. I advise a lot of thought into the future and long term. As I am a guy I probably have more flexibility than yourself which itself is a double standard, but that's just life. Trust me you're not the only one with these types of problems lol.

If you ever have children raise them as Kurds and teach them Kurdish.

Its foolish to pursue some kind of racial purity agenda in our modern day and age, but its very important not to give up your identity. A lot of Kurdish men cannot "marry whomever they want and not be judged for it", a lot of them are going through the same thing that you are.However are they to some degrees outsiders to the Kurdish community and didn't felt the pressure to appeal to them. Edit: I would recommend you to not keep it a secret towards your parents.After all I don't think religion is a major issue though. I know of a Yezidi who married a Kurdish girl and got excluded by his family for doing so. I made the mistake when dating a dutch guy for a relatively long time.I know Kurdish men who've been disowned by their family for marrying outside of the culture (granted these have been pretty religious families), there's a big pressure to marry a Kurd for men as well. Now that that's said take what I say as you may.Everything everyone else has said is pretty obvious.In retrospect it was a stupid decision because my family would have accepted him anyways.

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