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We are guided into a room, where an orchestra is playing.

Ten-odd girls serve drinks to customers; we order two beer bottles. We enter the non-AC room and order a Mc Dowell quarter and chicken masala.This violates another rule because, as per Bombay Shops and Establishments Act of 1976, waitresses cannot be spotted inside bars after 12.30 am.Sandeep Ashar and Vishal Kelkar went bar hopping after 1.30 am last week and here’s what they found: 1.45 am Samudra Restaurant and Bar, Kurar, Malad The hotel’s neon-lit entrance gate is teeming with people.However they prefer to do nothing when it comes to liquor joints and clubs where individuals not only mis-use the law but also engage in prostitution business.Mid-Day does yet another sting operation, to find out more on the critical problem.Mumbai Sex Toy includes everything in their collection right from female sex toys and male sex toys to couple sex toys, artificial vagina, masturbators, lubes and seductive dolls.

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