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Spiritual Singles provides a great way to weed people out initially, and it’s free to get started.

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It’s no secret that to some people, a belief in the Law of Attraction and a desire to explore subjects such as intuition, energy healing and reincarnation is strange at best, so how can lightworkers and spiritual seekers find people to date who share the same values?

A Web site, Spiritual, is attempting to be the answer.

Here are my two favorite sentences so far: “For the poets have seen the truth that life, change, movement, and insecurity are so many names for the same thing” and “It is also convenient to agree to use the same words for the same things, and to keep these words unchanged, even though the things we are indicating are in constant motion.” 3.

by Ana Forrest Ana Forrest is an American yoga teacher whose life story will blow you away.

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-- Keeps you informed of any Metaphysical news items of interest throughout the world.obesity next to hunger; superficial celebrity gossip next to ignored people living in or near poverty; cheap fast food next to prohibitively expensive, genetically modified, supposedly organic gourmet cuisine; 24/7 fake news media next to endless hours of “reality” TV; bloggers blogging blasphemies next to twits tweeting trivialities. Here are a few suggestions, which in my opinion fall in the category of “non new-agey.” These authors are spiritual but not dogmatic.It all comes down to seeking a sense of control and instant gratification. They may or may not belong to a certain religion, but their teachings are universally soulful and open to all.I thought I needed to give my all in order to see if something good could come out of it.A week after upgraded to the paid subscription I came across the man I am currently dating who I believe is my soulmate.Subscribe here by clicking on the orange button to subscribe to this RSS feed.

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