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“We ordained Ian online, he’s an atheist minister bless him,” Ozell added.

Since it took her so long to record her first album, she told Songwriting Magazine that she considers herself a “late bloomer.” “I wrote a couple of tunes on my last release,” she said of Take It with Me. “I was there for four years; I got to see mommas with full bellies, and their kids are now going into kindergarten,” she said of Franny’s.

“My strength as a writer is certainly lyrical, first and foremost, and good, catchy melodies. Ozell and Stewart’s wedding grabbed extra attention in 2013 because they had Stewart’s good friend and fellow acting legend, Sir Ian Mc Kellen, officiate their wedding.

She continued her passion for music while in college in Boulder, Colorado, singing in blues bands in her free time. I mean, the weekends, it’s a tight space, and there were moments where it felt like we were just on the verge of coming unhinged, but we always kept it together.” Ozell said she worked there for four years.

She later moved to New York and began to find her voice in clubs there. In 2013, the restaurant moved and it is now located at 348 Flatbrush Avenue in Brooklyn.

She’s still surprised that a girl from Reno can marry an acting legend like Stewart.

“When something very splashy comes around, like the Emmys or the BAFTAs, I’m still bowled over that a gal from Reno, Nevada is on the arm of a gent like Patrick Stewart,” Ozell told Female First.

Stewart and the singer-songwriter were married Sunday after dating for five years.

"I did my part," Mc Kellen wrote on his official Facebook page, alongside a photo of himself holding up a black T-shirt that read "Minister" and the couple's marriage certificate.

“And frankly, I hope it’s always that way for me.” She also said in that interview that being a “celebrity” only hurts their everyday lives when they try to go out for dinner.

“People with their darn phones and their Instagram accounts are relentless, and it’s profoundly obnoxious at times,” she told Female First.

' kind of moment, it was a different moment," Sir Patrick gushed."He had been working at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is down the street from the restaurant that I'd been working in at the time," Sunny then continued."He sat at the bar and we just got talking, the rest is history."Patrick then chimed in: "I gave her my phone number and that's the only time in my life that I've ever done that, but only because she wanted to see our show in Brooklyn and it had sold out."Phillip then joked about the actor's ulterior motive, to which Patrick immediately laughed: "What do you mean motive? The pair were on the show to promote Sunny's new album, as well as Sir Patrick's new series Blunt Talk, that premieres on August 22.

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