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As is protocol with sweeping epidemics, people should start by honestly talking about the problem (see: for suggestions).

But no one will talk about this, because no one likes being called racist.

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But of the 90% of the reported racial preferences, 89.9% are preferences for white people. Let’s not get heteronormative now; we’re only in the third paragraph.)Now, it gets tricky, because when a person sits down and says that they particularly want to date white people, they’re not thinking about the fact that the client before them, and the client after them, are saying the same thing.

They’re not thinking about the fact that this is a widespread phenomenon.

Whether you’re using Hornet or another dating app, designing an online profile of yourself is basically mandatory in today’s dating world. read more The Dilemma An ongoing argument exists in our community over whether gay bars pose a threat to gay relationships.

read more As a white gay man who has never experienced what it is like to be a racial minority, I want to begin by recognizing the frustration that many non-white gay men experience on a daily basis in our community.

Except it’s hard for me to find another word to refer to “people making negative assessments of large groups of individuals that they’ve never met, based solely on the color of their skin.”Now, do I think that everyone is lying when they say they’re not attracted to black women or Asian men?

That they’re actively harboring racist fantasies about certain minority groups? I think they genuinely don’t feel all hot and bothered when thinking about them.

These include a sense of security and belonging, a foundation of mutual adoration for...

| Behavior, Ego, Relationships | 0 Comments During my closeted years in high school I met a boy with whom I had my first gay sexual experience.

This means I have been #blessed to hear a lot of this nonsense, and honestly, most of it doesn’t faze me. I meant monumental and indicative of an entrenched and deeply troubling societal prejudice that we have been unable to overcome throughout the course of human history.

Because people become the most neurotic versions of themselves on their quest for True Love, and that’s totally allowed. Here’s the thing: when asked during in-person meetings, 90% of my clients report having racial preferences. And I’m not just talking about white-on-white preferences.

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