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There are links to texts, graphics, interactive presentations, and online courses for teachers. These maps illustrate connections between concepts and across grade levels.Use them to contextualize and sequence your instruction.

Fossils, Rocks, and Time This online book, published by the U. Geological Survey, discusses the use of fossils in determining the age of rocks.

The book covers how to place events in correct temporal order, a description of the geologic time scale, the use of fossils to indicate rock ages, the law of fossil succession, index fossils, and radioactive dating.

The Science Educator’s Guide to Selecting High-Quality Instructional Materials This guide presents a method for judging the quality of K-12 teaching materials, both in print and online.

It is based on AAAS Project 2061’s curriculum-materials analysis procedure which was developed over several years with funding from the National Science Foundation and in consultation with K–12 teachers, materials developers, scientists, teacher educators, and cognitive researchers nationwide.

Once in a Million Years: Teaching Geologic Time This article outlines pedagogical approaches to teaching geologic time and describes common student preconceptions and misconceptions.

Several activities will assist students in conceptual change.

The guide is designed to help science educators determine how well an instructional material supports students in learning important science ideas such as those described in national benchmarks and standards.

With its step-by-step procedure for taking a critical look at instructional materials, the guide can help science educators take a more informed approach to a number of essential tasks.

Geologic Time is captured in at least two different areas. The other is under the Physical Setting--Changes in the Earth's Surface which includes rates of change.

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