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He had to admit that the power in the medicines was something contrary to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then he asked me to look into bottles of medicines of Allopathy where the contents of the medicines are clearly declared, like Carbo hydrate 15%, Magnesium 20%, Alcohol 5% Water 10% etc, whereas no such declaration of contents on bottles or packets of Homeomedicines is found,instead the medicines declare their effectiveness by "potencies" like 1000 Potency, 10 000 Potency,a million potency etc.

In addition, the opera was also influenced by the Enlightenment philosophy, and can be regarded as an allegory advocating enlightened absolutism.

Certainly, Hahnemanns life cannot be merely confused tout court with homeopathy, yet anyway homeopathy is strongly related to his existence, choices and thoughts.

Around 1778, Hahnemann was introduced to Baron Von Brukenthal, the Governor of Transylvania, (now modern Romania and Hungary).

) Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (Meißen, April 10th 1755 Paris, 2 July 2nd, 1843), most probably in the years 1779-1781 joined Freemasonry, while Pope Clemens XII formulated his famous seal against Masonry In eminenti Apostolatus Spaecula in 1738 and Catholics henceforth were forbidden to join Freemasonry.

Theres a contradiction between what Hahnemann learnt during his brotherhood membership as a freemason and Catholics faithfully related to the Pope and practicing homeopathy in their office.

Many people write and ask me, "What is wrong with Homeopathy? Many who have problems in their prayer life, like--lack of concentration, distractions, feelings of tiredness, yawning during prayer, pains on all over the body during prayers especially when they call upon the Name of Jesus, bad imaginations especially immoral ones during Christian meditation etc- have admitted that they were having homeopathy treatments, and when I have asked them to stop homeopathy, they were able pray well.

But I have seen the bad effects of it on Christians and their spiritual lives.

In Europe those free thinkers who wished to keep these classical lineages going met secretly and discussed philosophy and human rights.

For example, esoterism in European philosophy might be a possible cause generating in that time Mozarts masterpiece The Magic Flute (Sept 30, 1791), which was full of occult symbols and teachings.

The Baron introduced Hahnemann to the Freemasons lodge in Hermanstadt and he was accepted as a member of the Brotherhood to which he remained a faithful member in his later life.

The Masons studied esoteric doctrines based on the ancient mysteries of Egypt and Greece and carried on a tradition of initiation, meditation and prayer.

It was in the Masonic Temple that Hahnemann developed his deep views of life as a spiritual process of transformation which helped him to see through the blind materialism and atheism that was dominating the fields of science during the beginning of the scientific revolution.

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