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On Wednesday, the Tarrant County medical examiner's office named 27-year-old Lindsay Groce Gardner and her 13-month-old daughter Hailey Gardner as the victims discovered in the Fort Worth, Texas field. 'It’s our scared insecure brains that try to tie all the knots of false insecurity together into believing that we are going to be ok because of our ‘plan'. One friend wrote: 'She was such a sweet spirit, so genuine, and an incredible artist.

Investigators now believe that the two incidents are related, but they're still uncertain whether the crash was the cause of death for the mother and daughter since they did not appear to be injured other than a few scratches. Even though, constantly, again and again, our plan fails, falls apart, crumbles, vanishes. She was so in love with her baby and we both shared a passion for gentle parenting.

Tank for incompetence 2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Bolarinwa Oluwole did not tell Irish authories he'd lost his license in Canada for sex with patients 2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh loses license over sex with patient; paid her to keep quiet about it 2013-11-27: Medical board reprimands psychiatrist Ali Ebrahimi over excessive prescribing 2013-11-21: Georgia psychiatrist George Johnson suspended for sexual abuse 2013-11-21: State suspends counselor Joseph J.

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from '70s on 2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Sheila Williamson suspended on suspicion of impairment 2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Melvyn Levitch reprimanded over prescribing 2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Ronald G.

Rubin suspended for over prescribing 2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Patricia Shawberry slapped for dishonorable conduct 2014-06-03: Ex-employee alleges she was fired for reporting fraud at psych clinic 2014-06-03: Florida psych hospital worker arrested for abuse of disabled adult 2014-05-30: Psychiatrist James R. 2014-05-20: New Zealand psych nurse loses license; was convicted in wife's death 2014-05-20: Directors of state psychiatric hospital suspended on allegations of patient neglect 2014-05-16: Ontario psychiartrist Stanley Dobrowolski gets 4 years prison for sexual assaults of female patients 2014-05-16: British Columbia police launch investigation of school psychologist charged in U. for child porn 2014-05-14: Vegas mental health therapist convicted, sentenced for Medicaid fraud 2014-05-14: Washington psychiatrist under investigation for making bomb threat 2014-05-14: School psychologist charged with possession of extreme child porn 2014-05-12: Psychiatrist Patricia Hough gets two years prison for tax evasion 2014-05-12: Psychiatrist will plead guilty to multi-million $$ Medicare fraud 2014-05-07: Dallas psychologist Michael Ellis Wolf jailed 36 months for fraud 2014-05-06: Therapist Maria Pereyra, disciplined by state in 2013, in trouble again 2014-05-02: Mental health counselor Adam Glatt surrenders license on sadomasochism-related charges 2014-04-28: Children's psych nurse accused of possessing child pornography 2014-04-28: Psychiatrist Ronald Rubin charged with smoking pot with patients 2014-04-24: Illinois discipline psyhciatrist Joseph Haraszti relative to patient death 2014-04-24: Psychiatrist Rama Prayaga disciplined in two states over prescriptions 2014-04-24: Board suspends psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi for endangering patient welfare 2014-04-24: Mental health counselor Liza Cozier engaged in sex with client 2014-04-24: Board disciplines Virginia social worker Stan Tebbe 2014-04-23: Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin guilty of sex assault loses appeal, must turn himself in 2014-04-22: Missouri sports psychologist Brandon Orr arrested for public intoxication 2014-04-22: Wife-beating Cambridge psychiatrist Empee Vithayathil barred from profession for a year 2014-04-22: Alaska psychiatrist charged with $300K Medicaid fraud 2014-04-22: Psychiatrist Gary Byrd sentenced for child pornography 2014-04-10: Mother's lawsuit alleges psych unit has restrained her son more than 6,300 hours 2014-04-05: State closes children's psychiatric center for patient abuses 2014-04-03: Washington counselor Sarah Mc Callum loses license for sex with client 2014-04-03: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, February 2014 2014-04-03: Utah psychiatrist loses licenses in two states 2014-04-01: Mother files lawsuit over son's extended restraints in psychiatric hospital 2014-04-01: Psychologist gets 8 years prison on firearms charges 2014-03-20: Indiana prison social worker Elizabeth Covington loses license after criminal conviction 2014-03-20: Minnesota psychologist disciplinary actions Sept., Dec.

It also doesn't explain why they were found so far from the vehicle. She wanted to be the best mother she could be for her.' Family: According to a personal blog, Gardner was married and worked as a freelance artist.

Tragic scene: Gardner and her daughter were found about 200 yards away from this crashed car. In her last post from April 2013, she wrote about being pregnant and organizing a move to Lancaster, California with her husband Anthony Gardner (pictured above with their daughter) 'There's always deer in that field,' Bentley told reporters when she returned to the scene off Dirks Road later that day. It was against a tree and the hood was smashed in and the driver's side door was open.'It’s perplexing, the fact the bodies were away from the car, you think they would have been in the car,' she said. Was she trying to get away or help herself from the accident with her child?

Paul's Hospital (Vancouver) stabbed elderly people following discharge 2014-07-25: E.

Texas psychiatrist charged with trafficking Indian women for sex, forced labor 2014-07-25: Alaska psychiatrist indicted for 0,000 Medicaid fraud 2014-07-18: Psychiatrist Curtis Steele loses license over teen nude photo allegations 2014-07-16: Prison psychologist Bobbie Bergmeier guilty of affair with convicted murderer 2014-07-14: Man misdiagnosed by psychiatrists as delusional for 20 years sues 2014-07-08: Parkland psych ER is again scene of patient abuse 2014-07-08: Czech psychiatric hospitals violate human rights laws 2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Priscilla Sheldon-Cost charged with narcotics offenses 2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Harold Smith gives up license following history of drug-related disciplinary actions 2014-07-07: State of Florida FINALLY takes action on psychiatrist with history of ampthetamine abuse 2014-07-07: Maryland psychiatrist Sukhveen K.2013 2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct.2013 2013-12-02: Illinois psychologist Zabrin Inan loses license in California 2013-12-02: Psychologist Mark Douglas Kline surrenders license on charges of sex with patient 2013-12-02: Psychologist Smita Ward loses license for sex with patient 2013-12-02: Michigan psychologist disciplinary actions, Aug.-Sept.Investigators believe the two incidents were related, but are still uncertain how the mother and daughter died'Why can’t things just go the way you plan them? 2018-03-29: US government pursuing Florida psychiatrist for nearly million in income tax fraud 2018-03-29: Australian 'doctor' who claimed he was a qualified psychiatrist faked a medical diploma 2018-03-29: Kansas psychiatrist among doctors reprimanded in one state but in good standing in another state 2018-03-29: Arkansas psychologist arrested after aiding an unauthorized departure of a state hospital patient 2018-03-29: Australian psychiatrist banned from practicing after sexual misconduct with patients 2018-03-29: Psychiatrist who hired hitmen to kill wife tries to get parole 2018-03-21: Psychologist took patient from Arkansas hospital without permission 2018-03-21: Virginia psychiatrist indicted on federal drug trafficking, healthcare fraud charge 2018-03-21: California psychiatrist's license suspended over antipsychotic incident 2018-03-21: Delaware psychiatrist's license suspended over opioid prescribing practices 2018-03-21: Pennsylvania psychiatrist charged with running 'pill mill' 2018-03-19: Former Australian child psychiatrist guilty of sexually assaulting patient 2018-03-15: Korean psychiatrist may lose license after publicly diagnosing an actor based on social media activity 2018-03-12: Philadelphia psychiatrist charged with illegally prescribing opioids 2018-03-12: Michigan psychologist sentenced for sexual relationship with patient 2018-03-12: New Mexico psychologist charged with wielding gun in road rage incident 2018-03-12: Canadian psychiatrist had sex with male patients in his office 2018-03-12: Australia psychiatrist claims girl ‘fantasized’ assault 2018-03-12: Georgia psychiatrist re-indicted again in murder case 2018-03-08: New York psychologist resigns after complaints of racial bias 2018-03-08: Case proceeds against New Mexico psychiatrist accused of sexual misconduct 2018-03-07: California child psychologist pleads guilty to child porn, contempt of court 2018-03-07: Kentucky psychiatrist's license suspended after marijuana charges 2018-03-07: New York psychologist put on 30-day notice after accusations of racial bias 2018-03-01: Australian psychologist censured over inappropriate texts 2018-03-01: Connecticut State Senator Wants More Accountability in Psychiatric Patient Abuse Investigation 2018-02-28: Kentucky psychiatrist indicted in kickback scheme 2018-02-28: Canadian psychiatrist disciplined for failing to maintain professional boundaries 2018-02-28: Buffalo's police, fire psychologist accused of racial bias 2018-02-27: Former psychiatrist in Australia charged with rape 2018-02-27: Prison term upheld for Japanese psychiatrist for fatal seizure-caused car crash 2018-02-27: Minnesota psychiatrist charged with possession of child porn 2018-02-22: Georgia psychologist charged with molesting 9-year-old, posting pics online 2018-02-22: Psychologist charged with raping a patient kills self in jail cell 2018-02-22: Canadian psychiatrist suspended, ordered to take anger management 2018-02-22: Irish psychiatrist suspended over death of teen in UK 2018-02-22: New Zealand psychiatrist loses license for sexually assaulting patient 2018-02-22: Psychiatrist suspended, fined for irresponsible drug prescription 2018-02-20: Was Ravinder Goswami Your Psychiatrist?2014-01-22: Commission: Psychiatrist threatened patient with electric shock 2014-01-20: Ohio mental health counselor disciplinary actions, January 2014 2014-01-17: Ohio Psychological Association psychologist arrested for exposing himself 2014-01-17: Psychiatrist Barlow Smith in trouble again; charged with controlled substance prescription violations 2014-01-17: Psychiatrist admits hiding body in backyard; arraigned on charges including possession of crack cocaine 2014-01-16: Remains of missing man found in psychiatrist's backyard 2014-01-15: Journalist uncovers abuse in India's psychiatric hospitals 2014-01-13: Counselor sentenced to 21 months prison for Medicaid fraud 2014-01-13: State authorities arrest accused psychiatrist's program director 2014-01-13: Florida psychiatrist James Schaller loses Delaware license, gun privileges 2014-01-13: California medical board reprimands psychiatrist for non-compliance 2014-01-13: State seeks to discipline psychiatrist over care of patient who died 2014-01-13: Third state takes disciplinary aim at psychiatrist Todd Clements 2014-01-13: State issues cease practice order on psychiatrist Stewart Lovelace 2014-01-13: Psychiatrist Marcy Traum gives up training license 2014-01-08: State revokes license of counselor Bethany Mc Lemore; claimed to be God 2014-01-08: State reprimands UCLA psychiatrist 2014-01-08: Psychologist Beth Grosshans suspended for sex with patient 2014-01-08: Psychologist Ronald S.

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