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One stood out so much and was such a big hit with the customers we just knew we had to build a whole company based on it: Orange Blossom Honey!

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So you can understand my surprise when I saw this particular car lining up at the Gatebil registration on the Thursday afternoon before the event.

Seeing this shiny and very desirable machine in between the usual used and abused sort of cars that enter these events, well, let’s just say it stuck out like a sore thumb.

That’s why Hiroshi Tamura – product planner for the R34 project – never got the go ahead from the bean counters to equip the car with a more modern braking system than what the R33 and R32 got.

That’s why the stock Brembo set-up – albeit decent enough for road use – quickly shows signs of fatigue when pushing hard or going on track.

Above all, we wanted a high-quality, natural personal care line that would be affordable to everyone…hence, the compact, concentrated and convenient sizes.

Now most people can afford our Naked Bee line: just high quality, good for you, unpretentious, easy to carry products!That’s until I see one like Christian Hopland’s example… Well this isn’t your ordinary GT-R – it’s one of the 750 V-spec II Nürs that were built at the very end of the Skyline’s production in 2002.This, to put it in broad terms, is the The V-spec II Nür is already a bit of a rarity in Japan, and when pristine examples come up for sale they usually attract a lot more money than what they cost when Nissan sold them new 12 years ago.This is one area that Christian quickly took care of by fitting Alcon callipers all around – six-pots at the front and four-pots in the rear biting down on grooved discs.The upgrade works wonders and gives the One other detail of the Z-tune front fenders is that they feature GT500-inspired venting at the point where they meet the doors.So I’m sure you understand why I quickly added it to the must-shoot list!

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