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Even today, the issue of states' rights remains divisive in American politics and a chief dividing point between its two major political parties; Democrats support a stronger central government while Republicans favor more autonomy for the states (so they say, anyways. The differences in state laws and taxes and the absence of intra-U. border control create scenarios where you see many stores on one side selling things that are either more expensive or illegal on the other side.

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The capital city is Richmond, which also served as the capital of the Confederacy.

The largest metropolitan area (outside of DC's Virginia suburbs) is the congregation of eight cities (and one town) are completely separate from counties, even if they are county seats (as is the case with Williamsburg); and one county (Arlington) is coterminous with one municipality.

is used in the sense of "considered separately", rather than in the sense of "a small number of them".

The Constitution is full of references to "the several states" where today we might refer to "the C).

Statehood would add two new Senate seats and one House seat permanently under the Left's control.

Republicans tend to favor "retrocession", meaning that all of DC except for the National Mall would be returned to Maryland (which donated the land for the District in the first place).Long guns (i.e., rifles and shotguns) can be purchased out of state if the buyer can legally purchase a gun in the seller's state, nonresidents driving through may typically possess firearms legal in their home state, so long as they are unloaded and inaccessible (i.e. Marijuana, meanwhile, is illegal to transport across any state line, even if both states permit sale and possession - to say nothing of the fact that possession itself remains illegal in many states, meaning you can cheerfully pay taxes to one state government and be thrown in jail by another, should you travel the wrong direction with your new purchase, a situation that applies to almost no other object or substance. Area: 68mi2 / 177km2 Population: 693,972 (metro area of 6,131,977) The Federal District of Columbia—also known as Washington, D. (not to be confused with the state of Washington below)—is the national capital, created when the new government decided that it should have a capital city that was not part of any state and was centrally located in the border region between the North and South.The reason for this was twofold: to reduce any appearance of favoritism, and to prevent a situation where the local militia could hold the government hostage, which nearly happened during the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783.In actuality, all of the states have long-form titles, and some just happen to use the word "Commonwealth" instead of State.The Commonwealths of Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are all full-fledged states.There used to be several towns within the counties until Washington was consolidated as one city and Alexandria was given back to Virginia due to slavery and other disagreements, as well as the theories that the seat of government wouldn't get big enough to need it and that the District would not develop much of a local population.

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