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They transferred their capital to Seville in 1170, ruling until their departure for Morocco in 1228 (see Chapter 8).

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The following represents an outline of the genealogies of the Muslim rulers of Spain, on which much work remains to be done.

These families are of interest not only because of their significance in the history of the Iberian peninsula over many centuries, but also because of their family relationships with the Caliphs of Baghdad and with the Christian rulers of northern Spain.

The Ajbar Machmua records that, following the death of "Abdo-l-Aziz" and "despues de haber estado aos sinun wali" [which is inconsistent with the rest of the chronology of the passage] "Ayob ben Habib [Al-Lajmi]" was chosen as wali and transferred his capital to Crdoba "a principios del ao 99" (Aug/Sep 717).

His appointment was made without the approval of the Caliph, as a later passage in the same source records that "Obaid-Allah ben Zaid, el Koraixi", appointed as governor of Ifrikiya by Caliph Suleyman, appointed "Al-Horr ben Abd-Allah Al-Tsakafi" who was charged with investigating the murder of Abd al-Aziz.

However, faced with the invasion of the Almohads in Morocco and the advances made by King Alfonso VII in the Iberian peninsular, the Almoravid regime collapsed and a new generation of fragmented Taifa kingdoms emerged in al-Andalus.

The Almohad movement emerged in Morocco in the early 12th century, based on a simplified interpretation and puritanical application of Islam.

There are no surviving contemporary Arabic primary sources which recount the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711/12, although the arrival of the Muslims in Spain is narrated from the Christian point of view in the Chronicle of 754, although Lafuente dates it to the 11th century.

The Ajbar Machmua is useful for the conquest and the period of the early governors of al-Andalus, but contains few details in its review of the reigns of the emirs of Crdoba, descendants of Abd al-Rahman I.

The Ajbar Machmua records that "un legado del califa Al-Walid" arrived in Spain, dismissed Musa and expelled him "con Tarik y Moguits", leaving "como gobernadora su hijo Abdo-l-Aziz" who established himself in Seville, in A. 95 (26 Sep 713/15 Sep 714) (-murdered Robina [Jul/Aug] 717). Ibn-el Kouthya records that "Moua fils de Noair" assigned "le gouvernement gnrale son fils Abd-el-Aziz" when the caliph ordered his return to Damascus, appointing "Habib ben Abi Okba ben Nafe el_fibry" as his deputy, and that Abd el-Aziz established Seville as his capital and completed the conquest of al-Andalus.

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