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The official reason for his resignation is his breaching the Ministerial Code: he made “inaccurate and misleading” statements in response to claims that police had found pornography on his office computer in 2008.

The subtext to the story, however, includes unproven claims that he made unwanted advances towards Kate Maltby, a journalist and Conservative activist.

Any change in the balance of opinion around the cabinet table could inflame the other side and lead to resignations – perhaps even a leadership challenge against May.

May said she would look back at what Nandy had told her and that any accusations of abuse should be dealt with by the police not the party whips.

“I am very clear that we will take action against those where there are allegations,” she said.

May we have a full commitment that the inquiry will consider not just the police and social services but what happens at the heart of power, and that if those systems are found to exist today, they will be overturned, whether or not it makes life uncomfortable for political parties, Parliament or the Government?

” At the time, May said it was “not my intention that political parties be outside the scope of the inquiry”.

She has been an unwilling butcher in more recent times.

The most important reason for May’s present reluctant butchery is the precarious balance of forces within the Conservative party.

Nandy also said she wrote to May twice to raise concerns.

In her question, Nandy was referring to the below clip of an interview with Tom Fortescue, who served as a Tory whip in the 1970s.

“It has to be wide-ranging and it has to look at every area where it is possible that people have been guilty of abuse.

We need to learn lessons to ensure that the systems we have in place are able to identify that and deal with it appropriately,” she said.

Another reason for May’s reluctant butchery relates to her limited human resources.

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