Thanks for accommodating

Looking up "accommodating" in an online Spanish/English dictionary yields no less than 18 possible translations, and I'm not sure which would fit best with this sense. The last answer (the one the link points to) is the best one in my opinion.

After a job interview, it's both polite and advantageous for your job search to send a thank-you letter.

We will prepare the amenities into your room accordingly and we will do our best to make your stay in Budapest memorable!

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You’ll also find an example below of a letter sent to follow up after a job interview, as well as two examples of follow-up emails. This is your final chance to tell the employer that you believe you are a good fit for the position with their organization. If you forgot to share an important related experience, or some other valuable piece of information, this is a good place to do so.

You can use any of these samples as a template for your own follow-up note. If time is of the essence, send your follow-up letter via email, with your name and "thank you" in the subject line of the message. You might also clarify anything from the interview if you feel you did not make a strong first impression in the interview. Whether you send the note by mail or by email, be sure to read through the message carefully before sending it.

I hope we didn't impose too much on your busy schedule.

Please remember that you are always welcome to stay at our place when your travels bring you to Kansas. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your kindness in letting me stay at your home when I was in Springfield.

The decorations were marvelous, the food superb, and the company fabulous. I don't think we'll ever forget John's funny stories after dinner.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends.It gave us a chance to catch up on the news and get acquainted with your family.We especially enjoyed our evening conversations over bedtime tea.You have always been so kind, friendly and accommodating to me and I really appreciate that.The last year and a half have been an extraordinary opportunity for me to do something that really makes me feel proud.We look forward to welcoming you and your partner for this special occasion.

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