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It changes Zach and hardens him, although it does make him even more determined to fight it as a lawyer.

And Zach promises Lily that if they can imagine a world in which there will be no prejudice, they can be together.

She understands how much he loved her mother, and although she chooses to stay with the Boatrights, her understanding of her father is a first step toward forgiveness.

Interestingly enough, Lily does not attempt to reconcile her love for Rosaleen with her understanding that blacks are inferior to whites.

But when Rosaleen's life is threatened by a system that Lily doesn't understand, she knows only that she must save Rosaleen's life, even if it means leaving home and breaking the law.

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Forgiveness In the very first chapter of The Secret Life of Bees, Lily describes her mother, beginning what will be an overarching theme throughout the novel.

Zach is gorgeous, intelligent, ambitious, sexy, and compassionate.

He wants to be a lawyer even though he will find barriers in the way of his dream.

It's important to understand that she grew up in the South, where races were separated by both law and attitudes.

The hospital has a separate wing for African Americans, and Christian churches are separated, too.

Even Lily understands and believes that African Americans are neither beautiful nor intelligent.

Lily has been brought up to believe blacks are second-class citizens, and the world is logically structured this way.

Blacks are not allowed to vote, and are kept from doing so even after a law is passed to specifically allow it.

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