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You can also see that there’s still salt on the surface of the steak. I first learned of this technique from Judy Rodgers’ The Zuni Cafe Cookbook: A Compendium of Recipes and Cooking Lessons from San Francisco’s Beloved Restaurant.The next step is to discard the water, rinse the steak really well to rid of all the salt. Very very dry with clean paper towels so that absolutely no moisture is left on the steak. Judy massively salts her chicken before roasting, and I’ve adapted the practice to steaks.

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YOU try drawing with a laptop touch-pad and a glass of bourbon on the rocks. It’s all related: thickness of meat : amount of salt : time.

All of you who season JUST before grilling – this is what you are really doing to the meat. All the water comes to the surface and if you don’t pat super-dry, you’re basically STEAMING the meat. I understand that this method will cause chaos, confusion and controversy in your household.

It’s like buying a Hyundai and getting a free mail-in rebate for a BMW upgrade!!!

Here’s two nice pieces of regular ‘ol supermarket steak.

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If you are a steak-lover, I hope that the title of this post luscious photo is enticing enough for you to read though the entire article. Even if you don’t eat steak, this is a must-read…as you can impress the hell outta your carnivorean friends (and sometimes, when you’re a vegetarian in a herd of carnivores…it would just be nice to have that extra, “dude…didn’t know that about steak???!

If you are used to using regular table salt, this may look like a ton of salt, but just remember that kosher and sea salt flakes are 2-3x the size of table salt. After 15 minutes, it will look like this — you can see how the meat’s water is starting to come up to the surface — and that some of the salt is still on the surface of the steak.

After 30 minutes, you’ll see more water: After almost an hour: And now 1.25 hours – see all that water?

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