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Kimberly received the Pterodactyl Power Coin and the Pterodactyl Dinozord, thus becoming the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.She was a capable gymnast and would later show that she also has some musical and artistic talent.Tommy Lee is currently dating Brittany Furlan, a comedian who is best known for her Vine vi Tommy Lee has been married three times, but his most famous wife is undoubtedly Pamela Anderson, with whom he has two sons.

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The Sun reports Pink and former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee have been meeting secretly since they “snogged each other’s faces off” at a party in New York two weeks ago.

The pair were photographed leaving a Hollywood’s posh Sushi diner on Wednesday.

Kimberly was one of the original five Power Rangers chosen by Zordon when Rita Repulsa attacked Earth following her release from "The Space Dumpster".

Her four teammates were coincidently her closest friends; Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston and Trini Kwan.

“Sushi is a very intimate restaurant,” an onlooker remarked.

“It’s not the kind of place you go to if you’re just good friends.As they left, they knew there was a photographer outside and just decided to be open about being together.They almost appeared relieved that everything is out in the open.” Read more.In June 2017, Tommy Lee began dating internet comedian Brittany Furlan. Brittany Janye Furlan (born September 5, 1986) is an actress and comedian based in Los Angeles, who was the most followed female video star on Vine until November 2015 when she left Vine. She was declared by Time magazine to be one of the most influential people on the internet.Since early 2017 she has been in a relationship with musician, Tommy Lee.Jesse Jane and Tara Reid are only the beginning of Tommy Lee's famous exes on this list.

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