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Then why be careless and let a little old thing like outdated firmware corrupt it?

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I was then able to boot up into the firmware-update CD. They told me that a lot of 2007/2008 Mac Pro owners are having this problem, but they really don't know what to do about it rather than to instruct the people to remove the SSD drive and connect it to a Windows PC to do the firmware update. Before I do that, I'm going to open my Macbook Pro, swap out my conventional HD in it with the SSD, and see if I can update the SSD in the Macbook Pro.

However, when the firmware update CD scanned my system for the SSD drive, it came back and said that my SSD drive doesn't exist! Panasonic's premium compact DC-ZS200 (TZ200 outside of North America) boasts a 24-360mm equiv.

You could try a 3rd party tool like SSD Tweaker for this, but only as a last resort.

Remember how much you had to save up for your precious SSD?

But non-tech owners have been blissfully unaware, because unlike the apps on your smartphone, these aren’t upgraded automatically unless you have the right tools installed.

The firmware of SSDs is essential for running them smoothly and efficiently.

A simple Google search later, I found the Intel SSD Toolbox page, downloading and installing it was easy.

Once I launched it, there was a nice layout with each tab clearly highlighting what it does.

I then burned the ISO image onto a CD-R via Disk Utility. My only thoughts on possible problems:a) the Intel instructions said that Disk Utility would take about 5 minutes to burn the ISO image. The image is only 3,000k or so, so it shouldn't take long at all. (I doubt it).b) The Mac Pro orignally came with an optical drive attached via ATA/ATAPI. I've had no problems with that latter SATA drive - it reads and writes just fine.

Where I'm running into problems is that my system simply won't into the ISO image on the CD-R, no matter what I try. I have tried to boot into the CD-R by: a) changing the start up drive in Sys Pref to the CD-R, b) keeping "C"" pressed down as I re-start, or c) keeping CMD-Shift-Option-Del pressed down as I re-start. But might there be a problem with using a SATA optical drive as a boot drive?

Clicking on revealed I was on an older version and the software automatically downloaded and installed the latest one for me.

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