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That's a major change from previous versions and a big surprise to anyone upgrading to Windows 10 for the first time.

Besides these cumulative updates, you might see servicing stack updates delivered separately.

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One user took to Reddit's Windows 10 thread to detail his issues with the update, which he says has caused repeated freezes on his machine since installation.

If you haven't already upgraded to Windows 10, you can check out User Solo Wing X reported that his whole system freezes upon start-up, and even when repeated restarts appeared to solve the issue, problems arose when trying to access the Start Menu or task bar.

There's no option to delay updates on PCs running Windows 10 Home? For example, if every user can choose some updates and reject others, the number of potential configurations approaches infinity; Microsoft argues that all those untested variations make effective quality assurance much more difficult.

Likewise, Microsoft's generous 10-year support lifecycle has enabled fragmentation in the installed base: Over the past decade, Microsoft's engineering staff have been required to support as many as five major versions at the same time.

Hardware drivers and firmware updates can be delivered through Windows Update.

Typically, these packages are provided only when the driver fixes a bug that causes instability on targeted systems.

These cumulative updates arrive on the second Tuesday of each month, or Patch Tuesday, as it's widely known.

(Microsoft officials refers to this day as Update Tuesday.)Microsoft may deliver additional updates throughout the month, including cumulative updates and servicing stack updates.

These update packages fix issues in the code that Windows 10 uses to scan for and process updates.

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