When do charlie and amita start dating

However, Fleinhardt had an addiction with card counting during his years as an undergraduate, which he feels ashamed about and has compared his discomfort during field research at a casino as being at the event horizon of a black hole; this was discussed in Double Down, an episode that focused on a gambling ring. Charlie's father, Alan Eppes, said that all the family heard about that first year was Professor Fleinhardt. Fleinhardt has worked on building a space telescope for DARPA in the past, but it was weaponized against his wishes as part of the star wars missile defense project.

The only thing he remembers of his mother is her warm smile and tweezed eyebrows.

Fleinhardt owned a personally restored 1877 Victorian home which he sold in "Bones of Contention".

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Also akin to Feynman, he percusses, but never for pleasure — he drums away problems.

Both he and Charlie are members of the North American Sundial Society, and they have worked together on various contests for the physics department, including a paper airplane contest.

On a similar note, his antics have led him to eat purely white food at times to maintain supersymmetry, a focus in his research.

Apparently, as mentioned in "Backscatter", Fleinhardt is awful when it comes to geography — he called to ask if the string theory convention he was already at was in St.

Larry is quite awkward in social situations; his students have described him as "boring and intellectually inaccessible." Some of his irregular views have made Charlie wonder, "What flavor of crazy Kool-Aid do they make you drink before you join the physics department?

" When Larry suggested a neural imbalance may be the cause of his lack of dreaming in "Hot Shot", Charlie thought the notion would explain a lot about his friend.

Usually, Larry seems relaxed, but, at times, he can be a bit neurotic, or "Fleinhardt".

An absent-minded professor, he has forgotten whether he was entering or leaving the Cal Sci library (and subsequently returned to the library despite insistent reminders that he was exiting at the time).

In "Long Shot" (episode 3x06) they create a schedule for dinner and a movie every other Friday, lunch on Wednesdays, and a monthly wild card that Megan can use at her discretion.

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