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Cassidy’s got a couple problems, though, the biggest of which is his wife, Mildred. Cassidy is one of Goodis’s typical she-devils, with her wicked tongue, vicious temper, and voluptuous body that she knows how to use to ensnare and torment men.

Instead, I’ll focus on his writing and some of the movies that were made from his novels.

But a few notes on the man behind the books: The Philadelphia native was a master of noir fiction who lived what he wrote.

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Although David Goodis (1917-67) led a fascinating life (fascinating to some of us, anyway), I’m not going to spend a lot of time here discussing his personal story.

Lead character Jim Cassidy is a former airline pilot who lost that job through no fault of his own.

And now, he’s trying to hold himself together while leading a more modest kind of life as a commercial bus driver.

Another way in which Goodis’s fiction mirrors his life is in the characters and scenery of his best novels.

His finest books are set around the hardened streets of Philly.

Lead character Alvin Darby looks like an upright, normal citizen on the surface.

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