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However, Quivers was not particularly happy working in the military.

She struggled with the social dynamics of working in such a rigid environment, and she disliked life in Ohio.

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Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center is the country’s one and only trauma hospital, which means that its work pertains exclusively to aiding victims of trauma.

(In a biography that she released in 1992, Quivers divulged that she had been a victim of sexual abuse during her childhood.

Shortly after receiving this job offer, she received a second (and superior) job offer in Harrisburg, a substantially larger city in Pennsylvania.

Robin worked this newscasting position for around six months before she ended up moving back to Baltimore to work for WFBR, a talk/personality station.

Quivers remained a steadfast supported of the show, however, and although she would occasionally dip out and work for another station while things were rough, she always came back.

She played the “straight man” to Howard’s whole routine, and it worked out really well for her.

That isn’t to say that there weren’t any bumps in the road, however.

The show was controversial, which resulted in it having to change stations from time to time.

She was getting tired of moving around the country, and she wasn’t even sure if the radio industry was still right for her.

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