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After all, you know what they say: “The limper the wrist, the stiffer the ….I, for one, think Coral’s contention might have some merit: maybe a femmy hetero male = a confident hetero male = a virile hetero male.Well then, some women kinda love that if the man is helping to keep the homefront clean and running well.

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You get Cleopatra, Havana, Grace and Kyoto, plus a matchbook ($34 at Tocca on Mercer Street and Barneys).

If he’s more the Chinese marigold-Egyptian chamomile type, try Red Flower’s six mini-candles plus match book ($12 each, or $60 per six-pack at Bigelow Pharmacy, 414 Sixth Avenue).

Before you dismiss the idea, think of the ancillary benefits of such a union: e.g., if your nelly-man gets passionate and musses your hair, he could give you a post-shag shampoo and set.

Yes, girls, there’s definitely something to be said for dating a guy who’s in touch with his girly side–providing, of course, that he doesn’t pull a total Renee Richards on you.

Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, attributes her slender figure to the fact that her candle-totin’ husband is “an animal in bed.” He’s romantic, too: In a gesture reeking of old-fashioned working-class chivalry, Becks sends Posh a yellow rose every day. nal” (“Arsenal” is the name of another football club)–which they apparently do regularly whenever he is in earshot–Becks gallantly turns the other cheek.

Now, about those scented candles: Repeated calls to the Beckham camp to ascertain the brands thereof were not returned.

If I was with a man who enjoyed being submissive sometimes, it wouldn't bother me at all. One can not force a man into being submissive; either he desires to submit to one woman (or women) or he does not.

I wouldn't want to always be the dominant one, but I don't mind sharing the role. Variety in the bedroom, as with anywhere else, keeps things exciting and fresh. If he wants to be forced into submission, that is not really submission.

Take the case of David Beckham, the captain of the Manchester United, a British football team, who is also known semi-affectionately as “The Perfumed Ponce.” (“Ponce” = Brit slang for “pimp,” i.e., smarmy cologne-and-foulard-wearing male.) Mr.

Beckham’s poofy ways are perennial tabloid fodder: the latest hoo-ha concerns his penchant for scented candles. a working-class footballer who loves scented candles!

Oh, I really want to know what you mean by "sissy maid". It means the man understands how to help keep a household tidy.

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